How to Order/ FAQ


  1. Please select and checkout your desired product
  2. After order is completed please transfer total amount to the account details provided (an Theodore Siregar BCA 2170086182/ Mandiri 0700029081994)
  3. Then when payment has been done, go ahead and enter your transfer details into Payment Confirmation. It will be faster if you attach your transfer proof (bukti pembayaran) along with the payment confirmation
  4. Once this is done we will send you a confirmation email when we send your product, which will arrive in 2-3 days
  5. When you receive your product and are not 100% satisfied please feel free to return/exchange/refund you product and we will do it for you fee of charge. This offer stands for 1 week after you receive your item, if you take longer than this we may not provide you these services



Q: Is the Slim fit and Muscle fit really tight on the body?

A: This answer depends on your body shape, but we design our slim fit to be tighter than the regular on the chest and arm areas. Whereas the Muscle Fit is also pretty tight in the stomach area. But, this all uses a cotton-spandex mix which ensures that you still feel comfortable when wearing our shirts.


Q: Do you use different materials between the fitting?

A: Yes. We use a pure cotton material for our regular fit as we feel it maintains the shape of the shirt better for this fit. For our Slim and Muscle Fit we use our special cotton-spandex material that sticks more to the body but has stretch and breathability.



Q: Can I exchange my product if i ordered the wrong size/color?

A: Yes you can! If you decide to change your product size/color/fitting you can exchange it with us free of charge. However, you would have to pay for the shipping back to us, but we will exchange and ship back your product for free. Please ensure that you send back the product with all of its packaging.


Q: Can I get a refund on your product if I don't like it?

A: Sure. If you do not like our product then we will provide you a full refund (except the shipping fee back to us). But, you are free to exchange the shirts first if you want to try another fit/color/size and if you still don't like it then feel free to send it back and we will refund you fully



Q: Do you provide free shipping to all of Indonesia?

A: Yes we do! We want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible when ordering our products so we provide JNE regular shipping that arrives in 2-3 days


Q: Can I use a faster shipping method?

A: Sure! We also provide JNE YES (Yakin Esok Sampai) which arrives in 1 day but that will be at your own cost. We only provide free shipping for JNE regular that takes 2-3 days