Return Policy

ABU provides a FREE RETURN policy because we want our customers to be satisfied with our products. We highly value all of our customers so if you do not feel satisfied with our products please feel free to return it and we will fully refund you.

Terms and Conditions

  • ABU has a Free Return policy that applies 1 week after the product is received. Customer are free to exchange color, size, or fit of their purchase as long as it is within a week after receiving the product. We also allow full refunds on all of our products if it does not satisfy your expectations. Any later than 1 week ABU will not provide any exchanges or refunds.
  • Customers that want any exchanges/refunds must send back all of the packaging that came with the product. If not then ABU may have to charge extra costs/ give lower refunds.
  • The refund is only on the products you purchased and not on any delivery costs incurred shipping back to ABU.