About Us

ABU believes that a perfect shirt is one that fits YOU perfectly and shows YOU off. Whether that means the shirt is perfect for your body or for your personal style. Our main purpose of designing these Tees is to make sure you look and feel good.

Whilst brands focus on prints and logos for their T-Shirts, ABU focuses on the basics. We created a perfect version of the simple t-shirt through attention to detail, unique measurements, and suitable material. But instead of only focusing on one type of shirt that does not cater to every man, we designed 3 fittings to achieve the perfect shirt for men of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

ABU’s Regular Fit is perfect for people with a wider frame and wants to pull off a more casual look. This fit was designed to be wider in the chest and torso area with a sturdier all cotton material that maintains its shape while wearing.

ABU’s Slim Fit is for men who want to appear sleeker and more fitted. It is made to be tighter in the arms and chest area with a body hugging cotton-spandex material that has the perfect amount of stretch as well as breathability.

ABU’s Muscle Fit is designed for men who want to show off their fit bodies. This fit is similar to the slim fit and uses the same cotton-spandex material but is tighter in the torso area to further show off your lean body. However, we have also adjusted the length to this tighter fit so it doesn’t come off too short and look like your shirt is simply undersized.

So Choose Your Perfect T-Shirt Now and Give Your Wardrobe A Basic Upgrade!